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Mass effect 3 Detour - P232 by Pomponorium Mass effect 3 Detour - P232 by Pomponorium
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GalacticGhidorah Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
I think Tali would probably kill Shepard for that breast implant comment.

She does have a good point though. Females look almost identical to males for a lot of species. It's funny that they didn't explain the bumps in Nyreen's cloak when you first meet her, and why they aren't there later
Alphmega Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
On the other hand, if turians are more avians, males would differ from females.  

As for the bumps, I'm saying it's plating design and possibly under-armor giving a slight "curve" look due to the styling of the robe.  It's not like they were sticking out forward and were bumping out front, just to the side.
GalacticGhidorah Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
That seems plausible. It was probably the under armor. I did like the joke that she was storing grenades in there in another fan comic.
Alphmega Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Someone from bioware released a statement about them not being breast.  But Also, apparently, turians have three gonads.  Who would have thought?  

And while it is funny to joke about it because it really does look like she has breast, I look at this extraction:

To the robe, this one has fading to it.  Not only does it show the narrowness of her hips, but other area underneath.  And while the arc of the curve is not see-through compared to the hips, look at the collar bone area.  You can just see the plating outline of the chest.  I wish this model has side views as well, and I don't have the software to study it myself, but it's there never the less.

Though I will admit there is something that does bother me about the design.  While it is pretty, I'm baffled by the cat-eyes turian females have compared to the hawk-eyes that males do.  While sexual dimorphism is common among birds, there is no reason for that difference in something as fundamental as pupil design.  The only evolutionary explanation I can think off is males are day hunters and females are night hunters, thought it would more likely that the eyes would be bigger, like an Owl's.  

Unless Bioware was really trying to instill the whole "Raptor-kitty" thing, because female turians do appear to be a bit more....feline.
AnnMarKo Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Where did you read that they have three gonads? And what gonads are they?

I'm too bothered that fem turians have cat eyes and on top of that with something that looks like eye makeup... lol. I'm explaining to myself that they are capable to slit their pupil when they are hunting in dim lights to see better. The other stuff is their strange mandibles.
Alphmega Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013…

That post was done by Weekes about it.  And to be fair, he only mentions testicles, so it is quite possibles females don't have 3 ovas or whatever they have.  I said gonads to be general.  And there is some other more...ceremonial ideas about giving a testicle in that post, but I'm going from a biological standpoint.

Again, the darkening of the eyes would indicate a night-time hunter and equally a feline issue, so it is counted under the same issue.  It is possible that somewhere along the line, there was a dominate mutation that causes the eyes to slit somewhere that is only located in the female sex chromosome, if you are assuming that turians have male/female differentiation structures sexually the same as we do.  It would be unusual, but not necessarily impossible.  Equally and probably more likely, males would have a genetic sequence that either causes roundness of the pupil or lack the genetic sequence that causes the structure to happen.  

As for the strange mandibles, I believe I'll throw that as genetic variation.  They still look like mandibles.  True, over extended and pointed at the end instead of the more blocky cut-off, but could go along the lines of extra protection for a more vulnerable neck.  There are a number of species where males and females have different pincers/other mandiable-like structures.  Equally, it could be something that has evolved to be considered attractive.  Like saying human females have strange lips and jaw structure compare to male less puffy and square jaws.  Our males like puff lips and curved jaws.

Even among males, turians have variety concerning mandibles.  Look to each of Saren's, either father or son Victus, and Garrus.  
GalacticGhidorah Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
Turians have three gonads? That's interesting

I can see what you are talking about. It was odd that female turians looked a little feline. I think BioWare was attempting to appeal by fans by making a kitty alien
Alphmega Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
If I'm going off the top of my head, it is an easy way to make an alien look more girly.  We associate a number of feline traits to be feminine.  It's a bit of a mind trick.  
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